Freaking Over Finals

Posted on May 21, 2018 Under All 0 Comments

Dear Aunt Pep,

The gloomy end of semester is on the horizon. Cram-studiers and HD-highway riders are all flooding the libraries. Note-writing, practice exams, last-ditch efforts for tute participation… What’s your advice for completing these final weeks of study?



Dear Freaking-Over-Finals,

Trust me, we’re all here right now, so you’re far from alone. Hancock is heaving and any-non-law-student who enters the lawbry bears the risk of 50 side-eyes faster than you can say ‘statutory interpretation’ when their true identity is divulged. But fear not! You’ve gotten through every single exam period until now and you will get through this one just the same. Aside from the holding-tight, white-knuckle instinct that has subsumed most of us by this point, merely trying to hold our breaths and survive until the end of semester, it’s time to get down to business—you still have time to get your shit together. First and foremost, I advocate finding out what you need to find out. There’s nothing worse than not knowing what you don’t know. After that, work with the time you have and space it all out (just kidding, you have exams on the 4th, 5th and 6th of June)! Most importantly, I recommend rewards—sure it’s vaguely humiliating and definitely Pavlovian but hey, there’s nothing that keeps you going that a solid positive morale. Time to stock up on some good quality chocolate.

Yours, stressed but not defeated,

Aunt Pep