The LSS Committee consists of 35 elected law and 2 appointed students. Elections take place in September. The Executive is made up of the President and 7 Vice-Presidents. Nominations for First Year Officer positions open in February.

President – Bryce Robinson (
Vice-President (Admin) – Anna McNee (
Vice-President (Finance) – Sheng Huang (
Vice-President (Education) – Eden Lim (
Vice-President (Careers) – Shani Horii-Watson (
Vice-President (Events) – Felicity Moran (
Vice-President (Social-Justice) – Suchara Fernando (
Vice-President (Competitions) – Tony Zhang (
Immediate Past President (IPP) – Dan Trevanion

Publicity Director – Julia Faragher
IT Director – Hugo Kneebone (
Wellbeing Director – Em Roberts
JD Director (Social) – Kate Barton
JD Director (Education) – Bede Thompson
BBQ Officer – Katherine Lee
Sponsorship Director – MacCallum Johnson (

Careers Directors – Rocky Lagudi and Campbell Clapp

Education Directors – Max Moffat and Maddison Perkins

Competitions Directors – Joe Dean, Matthew Faltas, Victoria Hoon, and Laksshini Sundaramoorthy

External Competitions Director – Jessica Sidi

Social Justice Directors – Sarah Svehla and Angela Chen

Social Directors – Lucy Price and Katharine Fu

Peppercorn Editors – Brigid Horneman-Wren, Ashish Nagesh, and Belinda Lin

First Year Officers – Carina Stone, Eddie Stewart, Lily Cox, and Shiban Shahid