The LSS Committee for 2023 consists of 37 students within nine portfolio groups. The Executive is made up of ten students who together lead the Society. Annual elections take place in October. Nominations for First Year Officer positions open in February.

President: Neha Kalele (
Vice-President (Administration): William Carey (
Vice-President (Finance): William Tudehope (
Vice-President (Sponsorships): Thu Vu (
Vice-President (Careers): Lilli Black (
Vice-President (Education): Alex Bako (
Vice-President (Social Justice): Bita Mahani (
Vice-President (Competitions): Lachlan Macfarlan (
Vice-President (Events): Cian Bowes (
Vice-President (Equity): Sejay Segal (

Careers Directors – Carmen Truong, Raf Priest, & Gypsy Polacheck
Competitions Directors – Sarah Wilson, Myka Davis, Charli De Greenlaw, Kai Mitchell, Jess Lovatt, and Sam Soar
Education Directors – Ethan Tudehope, E Wen Wong
Events Directors – Sarah Hartan, Nikita Chandekar
International Students Directors – Asya Han, Hnin Ei Wut Yee  (
IT & Publications: Nikki Wade
Publicity Director – Aurelia Bicer
JD Director (Events) – Andries Venter (
JD Director (Education) – TBA (
Peppercorn Editor in Chief – Callum Florance (
Social Justice Directors – Zainab Naleemudeen, Milli McDonald
Sponsorship Director – Piper Stapledon
Wellbeing Director – Nuha Siddiqui (

First Year Officers: Gina Harrison, Isabelle White, Malika Do, Mia Booth

The LSS also administers several ad-hoc subcommittees throughout the year:

Peppercorn Editorial Team

Editor-in-Chief: Callum Florance (
Content Editor: TBA
Content Editor: TBA
Content Editor: TBA
Art and Design Director: TBA