The LSS Committee for 2020 consists of 34 elected and 1 appointed law student. The Executive is made up of the President and 8 Vice-Presidents. Annual elections take place in October. Nominations for First Year Officer positions open in February.

President: David Chieng (
Vice-President (Administration): Khashif Jadwat (
Vice-President (Finance): Shiban Shahid (
Vice-President (Education): Ben Yates (
Vice-President (Careers): John Grech (
Vice-President (Events): Chelsea Rock (
Vice-President (Social Justice): Emma Campbell (
Vice-President (Competitions): Tiger Lin (
Vice-President (Equity): Ashlee Smith (

Immediate Past President (IPP): Rocky Lagudi

Careers Directors – Kazi Ashiq Iqbal, Jye Beardow & Shenpaha Ganesan
Competitions Directors – Jessica Thoo, Sara Warner, Sasha Daniel & Mel Hopman
External Competitions Director – Olivia Callaghan
Education Director – Rosie Kethel, Sophia You & Vy Tsan
Events Directors – Caroline Ding & Emma Bryant
International Students Director – Sean See (
IT & Publications: Linda Cao
JD Director (Social) – Eve Walker (
JD Director (Education) – Haikun Huang (
Peppercorn Editor in Chief – Mehar Chawla (
Publicity Director – Katie Byrnes
Social Justice Director – Stella Slack & Emma Campbell
Sponsorship Director – Shae Iqbal (
Wellbeing Director – Sahana Devarajan (

First Year Officers (LLB): TBA

The LSS also administers several ad-hoc subcommittees throughout the year:

Peppercorn Editorial Team

Editor-in-Chief: Mehar Chawla (
Content Editor: TBA
Content Editor: TBA
Content Editor: TBA
Art and Design Director: TBA