Witness Examination

2013 ANU Internals

2013 ANU Internals

Witness examination is based in a trial court (with problems based in torts or in criminal law) where each competitor examines their own witness and cross examines their opponents witnesses in trying to adduce the facts that are favourable to their case. Competitors will be given a factual situation one hour before the trial begins (which will also provide an overview of the law in regards to the matter) and you will have 30 minutes to consult with your witness prior to the trial. The judge assesses a competitor’s ability to adduce and handle evidence. Familiarity with the rules of evidence is recommended (a summary will be provided in the Competition Rules).

Teams of: 1

Time commitment: low

Click here to view competition rules for Witness Examination.

If you have any questions, please email lsscompetitions@anu.edu.au