Your Law Students’ Society

The ANU Law Students’ Society (LSS) is the representative body for all ANU law students, providing a wide range of social, educational and careers-oriented programs and events. With numerous publications, forums and events, the LSS is committed to strongly representing students’ interests and keeping them updated with developments in the legal profession. The LSS is an inclusive society. We are here to support you as a student and to make your Law School experience the best it can be. There are nine main portfolios in the LSS as outlined below. To contact the President directly, please email lss@anu.edu.au.


The Education Portfolio performs two key roles at the LSS. Firstly, the Education Portfolio works with the Australian Law Students’ Association, the ANU Students’ Association and the ANU College of Law to ensure students receive high-quality education. As the peak body for ANU law students, the LSS has representatives on many College of Law and University committees, and proudly represents the interests of students in these forums.

Secondly, the Education Portfolio hosts a range of services and events, such as pre-exam tutorials. It is also responsible for gathering information from students on a range of issues, and holds Staff/Student Symposiums to provide students with the opportunity to discuss educational matters with academics.

If you have education-related queries please email lsseducation@anu.edu.au.


The LSS social events are a great way to engage with the larger law student body. The LSS boasts a packed social calendar with something for every student. The largest of these events include, but are not limited to, our campus-wide anticipated and very popular Law Ball, Welcome Drinks, and First Year Law Camp. On top of this, look out for regular BBQs and social events on our Facebook page. We strive to accommodate JD, LLB, international and domestic students alike, and are always open to suggestions. Find out more about events by contacting lssevents@anu.edu.au.


The careers portfolio of the LSS endeavours to create an interactive and informative platform between students and the broader legal community. We hope to inspire students to pursue their legal passions, consider a wide span of domestic and international legal career opportunities and develop skills required to achieve their career goals.

We publish the annual Careers Guide which includes information on employment in public, international, private, family and criminal law as well as legal academia. Additionally, we publish the annual Clerkship Guide at our annual Clerkship Information Evening, both of which are great resources for students looking at clerkship and graduate opportunities. Please contact lsscareers@anu.edu.au if you have ideas for events or initiatives, we look forward to engaging with the broader legal community.


The LSS runs a series of competitions including Mooting, Witness Examination, Client Interview, Paper Presentation and Negotiation. These competitions provide a valuable educational and practical experience for law students. The winners of each tournament are sent to the Australian Law Students’ Association (ALSA) Conference in July to represent the ANU. The LSS runs these competitions at novice and senior levels, encouraging first time competitors to try out various competitions and develop their skills and confidence. Competitions are also a great way to socially engage with other law students, and all prospective competitors are encouraged to attend the Competitions Launch BBQ, which is held at the beginning of the year. We want to make ANU a strong national force in legal competitions, and it starts with every law student, with any level of experience, getting involved. Please contact lsscompetitions@anu.edu.au if interested.

Social Justice

The Social Justice portfolio was introduced in 2007 to enable the society to focus on issues of social justice at the ANU and in the broader community. The portfolio has held forums addressing human rights issues, world peace, and indigenous issues, with highly respected speakers in attendance. If you would like to be involved in the portfolio, any of the opportunities within it or are after more information about any of our policies please don’t hesitate to contact lssjustice@anu.edu.au.


The Administration portfolio ensures the smooth operation of the LSS, responsible for the correspondence of the LSS, meetings, elections and constitutional amendments. It oversees publicity, IT, publications and Peppercorn. The LSS communicates with its members through its website, Facebook page and newsletter. You are able to become a member of the LSS at any time during the year through QPay, but Market Day is the first and best opportunity that you have to do this. For questions about elections, memberships, incorporation or any other administrative issues, please contact lssadministration@anu.edu.au.


The LSS undertakes an ongoing effort to obtain revenue from a variety of corporate and community sponsors. It also receives generous support from the ANU College of Law. It is part of the LSS’ mission to promote our sponsors throughout the college and pass on the benefits we receive. This means providing students with quality services at the lowest possible prices. The LSS Card acts as a membership card as well as providing students with discounts at a range of hot spots around Canberra. For further details or if interested in sponsoring the LSS please contact lssfinance@anu.edu.au.


The portfolio’s work includes creating events and advocating for equity issues such as the wellbeing, inclusivity, diversity and representation of all students. They are also responsible for providing guidance on equity interests for all events, competition and initiatives. For further details please contact lssequity@anu.edu.au.