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2019 Committee

The ANU LSS is currently accepting applications for several casual vacancies on our 2019 committee.

Sponsorship Director
The Sponsorship Director mainly manages the LSS community sponsors. They ensure that the LSS meets all of its sponsorship obligations and works on bringing new sponsors to the LSS. This role involves communication with sponsors and working out how the LSS can bring the benefits of their business to our members.
Careers Director (x 2)
The Careers Directors both work with the Vice-President (Careers) to deliver career-orientated events and services to law students. This include helping prepare profiles and content for the Careers Guide and Clerkship Guide, organise Clerkship Night and other practical-skills events throughout the year.
Competitions Director (x 4)
The LSS hosts four styles of competitions throughout the year: mooting, client interview, witness examination and negotiation. Senior competitions run in Semester 1 and novice competitions in Semester 2. Each Competitions Director is in charge of one of the competitions and takes the lead on organising competitors, questions, judges and drop-outs under the guidance of the Vice-President (Competitions). Prior experience in LSS competitions and ideas for improvement is of most value to these roles.
Peppercorn Editor-in-Chief
The Peppercorn Editor-in-Chief is in charge the LSS online and print publication, Peppercorn. They manage their own sub-committee of content editors and an art and design editor. This role is ideal for someone with experience in student media, editing and writing articles and providing content that would interest law students.
Publications & IT Director
The Publications & IT Director’s main tasks include designing all the major LSS publications and updating and looking after the LSS website. Knowledge or ability to learn Adobe InDesign is essential. This is a very skill-based role based on improving the LSS’s reach to students through digital forms.
JD Director (Education)
Similar to the Education Directors, the Juris Doctor Director (Education) is solely focused on educational issues for JD students. Again, a passion for educational advocacy, effecting change in law school and ideas of how to help students is best for this role. This director also assists the Vice-President (Education) with individual student enquiries specially relating to JD students. Applicants must be enrolled in the JD (On Campus) to apply for this role.
JD Director (Online)
The JD Director (Online) will assist with the dissemination of resources produced by the LSS with the JD (Online) cohort, ensure that the special needs and interests of the students in this program are met and represent these special needs and interests on relevant committees within the College. Applicants must be enrolled in the JD (Online) to apply for this role.
BBQ Officer
In this fun and exciting role, the BBQ Officer is in charge of organising and running BBQs for social events under the guidance of the Vice-President (Events).
General Application Information
An ideal candidate will possess effective time management skills, effective organisational skills and ability to meet deadlines, strong teamwork and communications skills, and the willingness to take on direction.

This position is for the duration of the 2019 academic year until November 30 and all applicants must have a valid 2018 LSS membership.

If you are interested in any of these positions and have the relevant experience, please submit a maximum one A4 page application containing the following information:

  • A brief description about yourself (degree, year level, domestic/international, other involvements/commitments, whether or not you plan to go on exchange in 2019);
  • Why you want the position;
  • Why are you qualified for the position, including discussion of your relevant skills and experience; and
  • What makes you the ideal candidate for the position.

If you are applying for Publications & IT Director, you are also welcome to send through any relevant samples of your work.

Please send applications (and any questions) to Julia Faragher at by 5pm Friday 12 October 2018. No late applications will be accepted.

Good luck to all prospective candidates!

Wanted: Pre-Exam Tutors

Attention all high achieving law students!

If you are bright and bubbly ANU student, have some tutoring or mentoring experience, and have scored a D or HD in a course at the ANU College of Law, we have the job for you!

The Education portfolio of the LSS are currently seeking applicants to manage and run pre-exam tutorials for end-of-semester exams, occurring at the end of Week 12 and during STUVAC (Semester 2, 2018). Tutorials will run for as many law courses as is possible. We will aim to run tutorials for all compulsory law courses with a final exam, and are also welcome to applications for relevant electives. Please note that this is entirely dependant on availability of tutors and suitability of the tutorial content.

This is a paid position that will give you some tutoring experience and will be incredibly beneficial to some stressed out students. Reimbursement is $100 per tutorial. This includes pay for preparation time and the tutorial itself.

Job Requirements

  • Prepare and run a 1.5 hour practical and interactive tutorial
  • Please include:
    • Summary of the crucial course content
    • How to approach the exam
    • Ways to prepare for the exam and tips on summary notes
    • Possibly an example question
  • This cannot simply be an outline of how you personally crushed the exam
  • Content must be inclusive and easy to understand

Please note that the tutorial outline will be sent to the relevant Course Convenor prior to the exam and must be approved by the relevant convenor before the tutorial goes ahead.

Tutors are strictly forbidden from distributing any notes previously used for the course. If the LSS becomes aware of this occurring, the tutor will be referred to the College of Law.

Application Requirements

In your application, please include:

  • Any relevant tutoring or mentoring experience
  • Your grade for the relevant subject (only applicants who received a D or HD will be considered)
  • Evidence of necessary skills (communication, organisation, public speaking)
  • The date of the exam and its weighting
  • Please also include an outline of how you would run the tutorial

Applications are welcome for all compulsory law courses with final exams, or for electives with over 50 students enrolled. Applications are due by 5pm Wednesday 10 October.

Please email your one-page application to Lauren at The subject line must be PET: LAWSXXXX (substituting XXXX with the four digit course code). Feel free to email with any questions!



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