Mooting Photo

ANU Team (Matilda Gillis, Tara Peramatukorn, James Barrett, Will Randles and Dan Trevanion ft. Justice Gordon), 2016 Jessup Competition

Mooting is mock court case where the case goes to appeal. The facts of the case have already been determined and the issue to be decided is whether the judge interpreted and applied the law correctly. Each team has two or three members, although only two members can speak in any one moot. One team is assigned to argue for the Appellant, and their opponents argue for the Respondent. A mooting competition typically runs for slightly more than an hour. Mooting tests one’s knowledge of law as well as advocacy skills, and so adequate legal research and preparation are essential!

Teams of: 2 or 3

Time commitment: High

Click here to view competition rules for Mooting.

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