S44 Set to Spike APL Enrolments

Posted on October 31, 2017 Under All 0 Comments

S44 Set to Spike APL Enrolments
Brigid Horneman-Wren

The ANU College of Law has entered into talks with senior parliamentary officials, with negotiations underway to allow all federal politicians special entry into Australian Public Law.

Those with parents, grandparents, and suspected long-lost cousins born overseas will be the first to be enrolled.

“Obviously this is usually a second year course,” said a spokesperson for the College, “but we’re of the opinion that our politicians should have the same understanding of the Constitution that we’re currently teaching nineteen year olds.”

A source inside parliament cited ANU’s proximity to Parliament House as a key draw point for the push to get the politicians enrolled in law school.

“So many of the staffers here go to ANU, so we got talking to them and the ANIP students. Once we realised how easy it was for them to get between work and uni, we thought the taxpayers wouldn’t mind copping the Uber fees if it meant we’d stop having daily dual citizenship referrals to the High Court.”

Admissions experts, however, are sceptical as to how many parliamentarians would be able to prove the equivalent intelligence of the current 98 ATAR requirement. Legislation to allow them to circumvent the UAC application process is expected to soon be passed.

If the program is successful, it will be expanded to all party lawyers and anyone up for preselection.

Brigid is in her third year of BA/LLB. She surprisingly enjoyed APL, and frequently despairs over the state of Australian politics.


Image credit: http://www.perthnow.com.au/news/national/its-decision-day-for-the-citizenship-seven-as-the-high-court-decides-on-mp-eligibility/news-story/9f24a63523da31c323c04bb409b2eb93