Wise Words from Aunt Pep

Posted on May 3, 2018 Under All 0 Comments

Dear Aunt Pep, Our logic has always been that if you get good grades, you’ll get a better job. However, to get a job in the legal profession you need experience. To get experience, you need to get a job…

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The People You Meet at ANU Law

Posted on April 29, 2018 Under All 0 Comments

By Lucy McKindlay   Tag yourselves... The Big Fish in a Small Pond One Duxed their high school. Has done every extra-curricular known to man. Thinks a high ATAR will translate into good law marks. Actually just super burned out…

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Australian Taxation Office Exposed for Fraudulent and Dishonest Behaviour

Posted on April 28, 2018 Under All 1 Comment

By Emilio Lanera In 2006, Helen Petaia started her own business called Safe Family Cards Australia (SFCA). The purpose of Petaia’s company is to deliver immediate access to critical medical information. This simple, yet brilliant, idea was inspired by a…

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Mystic Marge Reads the Stars

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Week 8 got you down? Well, lift your eyes to the sky, because it's horoscope time!

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On-Screen Lawyers Who Never Lose Their Appeal

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By Grace Morahan Unlike my sister, I never had a particularly strong conviction to become any one thing. Most people labelled this a lack of direction, but I preferred to dress it up as an ‘intense fascination with the present.’ I…

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