Aunt Pep

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Dear Aunt Pep, It is Week Four. I sit in my compulsory tute, and the voice echoes in the back of my mind: Tute participation is worth 10% of your overall score. The tutor asks a question. There’s a silence.…

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If Oscar Nominated Movies Were People

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By Emilio Lanera Emilio is a second year PPE/Arts student majoring in English and minoring in International Relations. Some of his interests include writing, reading, tennis and keeping up to date with international affairs. Ladybird Ladybird is the quintessential girl…

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Why I Don’t Celebrate International Women’s Day

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By Anonymous    Once a year, men heave me on a pedestal for a day, only to yank me down at midnight. Apparently, by  then I’ve had a fair go. It leaves me reeling.     Recently, feminism has entered the mainstream lexicon as a fashionable concept; it was, after all,  Webster’s 2017 word of the year. The rise of movements such as #metoo and #timesup have voiced the  hitherto unspoken pain of countless women, and ignited a wave of activism and a strong push for change.  Attitudes towards feminism appear to be rapidly changing in the media and modern cultural landscape.  However, that doesn’t mean substantial progress has been made or that there will be no push back.     Queue International Women’s Day. This is a day that serves as a reminder of the rich history of feminist  activism and…

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Turnbull Rides the Trump Train to Protect Australian Aluminium and Steel Exporters

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By Varun Bajekal Varun is a fourth year, studying Business Information Systems/International Relations. Protectionist policies can help bolster a country’s production in chosen industries, but it is also well known that other countries relying heavily on exports are weakened by…

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Quiz/Procrastination Station

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By Jessica Solari 1. How would your friends describe you? a. The greatest b. Dignified c. An outsider d. Progressive 2. How would you describe your fashion sense? a. Flashy, with lots of bling b. Conservative and sophisticated c. Modern,…

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