The ANU LSS runs four competitions throughout the year; Mooting, Negotiations, Witness Examination and Client Interview. First semester opens with the Senior Competition, where seasoned competitors compete for the opportunity to represent ANU at the Australian Law Students’ Association (ALSA) Conference in July.

In second semester, those who have never competed before are given the opportunity to register for the Novice Competition. The Novice Competition offers ANU law students the opportunity to develop practical legal skills outside of the classroom setting in a friendly and inclusive environment.

The LSS runs Competitions Launch BBQs at the start of each semester, which signals the beginning of the Competitions season. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 Competitions Launch BBQs will not be happening this semester. They provide an opportunity to register for each competition, as well as a chance to speak to the Competitions Vice-President and Directors. The Competitions Guide is launched in second semester each year, and provides an outline for the competitions as well as some helpful tips from previous competitors. This year, the Novice Competitions Launch will be held on Wednesday 1 August in the Law Foyer from 12 – 2:30pm. Please keep an eye out on the ANU LSS Facebook page for more event details posted soon.

Competitions Workshops are also provided by the LSS and will be held in Week 3 this semester. Judges, practitioners and past competitors run these workshops, and provide novice and senior competitors with the chance to acquaint themselves with the competitions.

If you have any queries or feedback about ANU LSS competitions, please contact the Vice-President of Competitions, at

Or to view the external competitions policy click here