LSS 2022 Exec

The LSS Committee for 2022 consists of 37 students within nine portfolio groups. The Executive is made up of ten students who together lead the Society. Annual elections take place in October. Nominations for First Year Officer positions open in February.

President: Henry Palmerlee  (
Vice-President (Administration): Neha Kalele (
Vice-President (Finance): Lora Hong (
Vice-President (Sponsorships): Thu Vu (
Vice-President (Careers): Alana Stone (
Vice-President (Education): Kriti Jha (
Vice-President (Social Justice): Suzie Ma (
Vice-President (Competitions): Khushi Arora (
Vice-President (Events): Tyea Christie (
Vice-President (Equity): Kara Banks (

Careers Directors -Janee Emms, Matt Foster, & Sara Warner
Competitions Directors -Lilli Black, Lachie Macfarlan, Olivia Milne, Sejay  Segal, Jonno Shiel-Dick, & Sophie Quoyle
Education Directors – Niamh Brazil, Margherita Dall’Occo
Events Directors – Diana Mukayeva, Sue Ven Lee
International Students Director – Kevin Marco Tanaya (
IT & Publications: Emily Austin
Publicity Director – William Carey
JD Director (Social) – Sam Shaw (
JD Director (Education) – Rachel Ferguson (
Peppercorn Editor in Chief – David Ferrell (
Social Justice Directors – Mekala Navaratne, & Ruby Wong
Sponsorship Director – Will Tudehope
Wellbeing Director – Isabelle Lo (

First Year Officers (LLB): TBA

The LSS also administers several ad-hoc subcommittees throughout the year:

Peppercorn Editorial Team

Editor-in-Chief: Ava Cadee (
Content Editor: TBA
Content Editor: TBA
Content Editor: TBA
Art and Design Director: TBA