The LSS Committee for 2024 consists of 45 students within nine portfolio groups. The Executive is made up of ten students who together lead the Society. Annual elections take place in October. Nominations for First Year Officer positions open in February.

President: Cian Bowes (
Vice-President (Administration): Bita Mahani (
Vice-President (Finance): Samuel Soar (
Vice-President (Sponsorships): Charli de Greenlaw (
Vice-President (Careers): Emmy Xie (
Vice-President (Education): Mia Hawke (
Vice-President (Social Justice): Mia Booth (
Vice-President (Competitions): Ruby Wong (
Vice-President (Events): Hugh Liu (
Vice-President (Equity): Alex Bako (

Careers Directors: Olly Neates, Gina Harrison, Jess Lovatt, Barbara Vuskovic
Competitions Directors: Charli Weir, Lara McKirdy, Hannah Mavrakis, Joseph Boke
Education Directors: Ashna Sahi, Olivia Loadsman
Events Directors: Thomas North, Amy Cooper
International Students Director: Roger Shi  (
IT & Publications Director: Jasmine Burton
Publicity Directors: Will Key, Indah Jenkins
JD Director (Events): Andries Armes-Venter (
JD Director (Education): Isabelle White (
Social Justice Directors: Hannah Benhassine, Venni Baliyan
Sponsorship Director: Roshan Kewalram
Women*’s Director: Clea Phillips
BIPOC Director: Amanda Tao
Disabilities Director: Margherita Dall’Occo-Vaccaro

First-Year Officers: William Chen, Will Jones, Jade Vergara, Chith Weliamuna

The LSS also administers several ad-hoc subcommittees throughout the year:

Peppercorn Editorial Team

Editor-in-Chief: Aisha Collins (
Content Editor: TBA
Content Editor: TBA
Content Editor: TBA
Art and Design Director: TBA