How the 2017 media law reforms put alley cats in charge of Fairfax

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By Elizabeth Harris On 26 July, Fairfax and Nine announced an historic merger, which will alter the landscape of Australian media irrevocably. The $4 billion merger will see Nine shareholders owning 51.1 percent of the newly combined company, with Nine’s…

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Government violating ‘fundamental human right to affordable housing’, says NUS

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By Kevin Marco Tanaya National Union of Students National Welfare Officer Jordon O’Reilly has slammed the lack of increase in Newstart allowance rates, calling it an example of the government’s ‘failure to provide everybody’s fundamental human right to affordable housing’.…

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Bikes, War Crimes, and The Hague

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Peppercorn caught up with Tudor Filaret, who has been interning with the UN International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals formerly known as the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia. That’s even more complicated than “The Artist Formerly Known as…

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Freaking Over Finals

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Dear Aunt Pep, The gloomy end of semester is on the horizon. Cram-studiers and HD-highway riders are all flooding the libraries. Note-writing, practice exams, last-ditch efforts for tute participation... What’s your advice for completing these final weeks of study? Help!…

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Mystic Marge Reads the Stars

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