Introducing the 2018 College of Law Representatives

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A Little about your ANUSA College of Law (CoL) Representatives for 2018

Campbell Clapp
My name is Campbell Clapp, and I’m originally from Melbourne. I moved to Burgmann College at the start of 2016 to study Arts/Law at ANU – well, originally PPE/Law, but realised I don’t actually like Politics. I have been a part of the Law Students’ Society this year as one of the Careers’ Directors and went on First Year Law Camp
as a mentor this year. Working on the LSS was great, but I’m really excited to see a different side of student representation through ANUSA next year.

Angela Chen
Hi everyone! I’m Angela and I’m a third year Arts/Law student, originally from Sydney. I have tried and tested all the law societies and I’m so glad I did because I’ve really enjoyed being greatly involved in law school over the past three years. Running events for you all has been so fun, but after helping the International Law
Society advocate for the 2016 International Law course to be changed, I discovered that what I was more interested in was the policy making and changing side of student representation. I hope me and my awesome sidekick Campbell will bring you an improved and more enjoyable law school experience in 2018!

What do CoL Reps do on ANUSA?
CoL Reps act on behalf of the undergraduate law student body and sit on the College Representative Council, where Representatives from each Academic College meet regularly throughout the year and discuss changes to the academic side of university and how they impact students. Colleges come together to discuss certain issues that are not going well and how they might improve them. They also share techniques that they have implemented and found helpful in order to assist the efficiency of other Colleges who are struggling with a
similar issue.

We are a source of information and a point of contact, so students can come to us with any questions about law school or when they come across a problematic issue with their degree or the College of Law. We act as an advocate to the administration, and are the main organisers of first year law camp. As CoL Reps, we also sit
on the College Education Committee alongside the LSS President and Vice-President (Education) and the PARSA CoL representatives, and represent students’ opinions on any changes to curriculum or policy that the college is hoping to institute.

Policy Goals for 2018
What we are hoping to achieve in our time as CoL Reps is to work with the societies within the law school to make sure that we are creating good resources and events for students and offering them as much support to students as possible.

In 2018, we also hope to:

  • Look at how law student wellbeing is impacted by different policies and practices, and attempt to implement changes both through the College itself and through what Law Societies have to offer to minimise mental ill health.
  • Advocate for better exam timetabling, a longer STUVAC period, and fairer assessment review with a
    more supportive appeals process.
  • Begin consultation with the ANU College of Law and the whole law student cohort on including an Indigenous Australian compulsory course or an Indigenous Australian learning component/assessment in relevant law courses.
  • Increase the approachability of CoL Reps.