What’s Brewing for 2018?

By Tiffany P. Monorom



Welcome to the first bLAWg of 2018!


If you don’t already know, the “bLAWg” is an online blog extension created to help international students easy access to a range of information and resources available through the Law Students’ Society website.


This bLAWg outlines the new and exciting plans for international students in 2018. Whether it is social, academic or career-based programs/workshops, we can’t wait for you to hear all about it!


All year long

The bLAWg


bLAWgs are written by the International Students Director and we are now open to submissions from students. For those who are interested in writing about all kinds of content relating to international students please contact Tiffany at lssinternational@anu.edu.au for more details.


Even if you’re an international student who is struggling with a particular issue at law school but don’t want to have to write about it, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with topic ideas!


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Herbert Smith Freehills International Student Mentoring Program

This program is designed to assist international students for a better transition into law school. Mentors are students who have successfully adjusted to law school and can give mentees advice on studying law at the ANU. We understand that moving to a new country is a challenging experience for most international students and it may take them some time to adjust to Australia’s cultural, social and academic differences.

See Program Handbook for more info.


Important dates:

Semester 1 application opening date: Feb 12 2018

Semester 1 application closing date: Feb 23 2018

Semester 1 program commencement date: Mar 05 2018


Semester 2 application opening date: July 16

Semester 2 application closing date: July 27

Semester 2 program commencement date: Aug 06 2018


Semester 1

ISD’s Careers Workshop: Networking Skills & Preparing for the Workplace


The purpose of this workshop is to gain better insights into networking skills and other skills to prepare you for the workplace, and how to put those skills into practice as part of your legal career journey.


Many of us are clueless as to where to start, what to say to someone when connecting with them, and how to maintain these relationships. In the first half of this workshop, you will learn to develop valuable skills that you need in order to network successfully. Whether it is learning how to be a good listener, asking the right questions or how to market yourself – you will find out all about it!


The future of the workplace is also full of contradictions and millennials and younger generations will need to master their skills in order to tackle those contradictions. This is why the second half of the workshop will be about how to better prepare for the workforce and the different ways that you can get started on in order to advance your way up to the top.


Expected to take place in Term 2. Actual time and place to be confirmed.


Semester 2

Diversity in the Law Panel Discussion

LSS will be presenting a panel discussion with a number of fantastic speakers sharing their experiences advocating for a culturally diverse workplace within firms and organisations.


This panel will provide law students an opportunity to gain a better understanding of cultural diversity representation in legal profession and to consider the different ways to bridge the gap between diversity and leadership.


If you are passionate about inclusion and diversity and how that might affect your workplace in the future, or you’re simply curious about the changing legal landscape, this event is for you.


Expected to take place in Term 3. Actual time and place to be confirmed.



Visa & Migration Workshop: Staying in Australia after Graduating

This workshop is for students who are planning to stay in Australia after they finish their studies. You will learn all about the different types of visas that you are eligible for and the conditions that come with the visa.


If you’ve just started thinking about future visa & migration options and have no clue where to start, this workshop is for you.


Expected to take place in Term 4. Actual time and place to be confirmed.


*Disclaimer: indicated dates are provisional only and may be subject to future changes.