Aunt Pep Strikes Again

Posted on April 19, 2018 Under All 0 Comments

Dear Aunt Pep,

The mid-semester exams have dawned on us. The Corps, Admin and Property clash has sent many into a spin. What’s your advice for people doing two or, God forbid, all three of these subjects?


Rightfully Frazzled

Aunt Pep

Dear Rightfully Frazzled,

This is a hairy situation for even the calmest and most preemptively prepared of law students. First of all, give yourself total license to whinge and moan endlessly to whoever is in earshot. Then get down and plan it all out: Break everything you have to do up into manageable bite-size pieces and then figure out how to space them out and when you need to get each of them done by. If it’s too late for this, you have credit for ten Aunt Pep-approved toddler tantrums . But after you’re done with those, pull yourself together and get back to the grind. Make a template or roadmap if it’s a problem question as fast as you can, and then work through practice questions. You’re allowed one big guttural scream between each one and should feel fully entitled to bug your friends for validation and encouragement (this after all, is the real point of study groups). If you’ve got an essay that you’ve left too late, crack open your lectures notes and get crlt+F-ing. Quick sticks! You’re burning daylight!

Best of luck!

Aunt Pep