Careers Workshop 1: Networking Skills

Wanted a job but don’t know where to start? Then come join us at our Careers Workshop to learn more about networking skills!


The purpose of this workshop is for international students to gain better insights into networking skills and how to put those skills into practice as part of your legal career journey.


Many of us are clueless as to where to start, what to say to someone when connecting with them, and how to maintain that relationship. In this workshop, you will learn to develop the valuable skills that you need in order to network successfully. Whether it is learning how to be a good listener, asking the right questions or how to market yourself – you will find out all about it!


Visa & Migration Workshop: Staying in Australia after Graduation

If you’re an international student, have you thought about staying in Australia after you graduate? But you have no clue how your visa eligibility fits into this? Then come join us at our Visa & Migration Workshop to learn more about the different types of visas you can apply for after graduation!  


Careers Workshop 2: Preparing for the Workplace

The future of the workplace is full of contradictions and millennials and younger generations will need to master their skills in order to tackle those contradictions. This is why we have brought you this special workshop on how to better prepare for the workforce and the different ways that you can get started on in order to advance your way up to the top.