MinterEllison Talent Pathways Program

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The MinterEllison Talent Pathways Program is a joint initiative between ANU and MinterEllison.

The purpose of the program is to connect high achieving law students who are interested in a career in commercial law, to commercial lawyers at MinterEllison with relevant legal experience to guide and foster the personal professional development of the mentee.

The Mentoring Program runs from June through December 2017, during this period there will be the opportunity for mentors and mentees to meet up to 6 times.


The program is open to pre-penultimate undergraduate law and first year JD students from ANU. We are looking for students who are keen to explore the opportunity of working in corporate law at the end of their studies.


Applicants are required to complete an online application form which will be used to assess viability for the program, and then match mentors and mentees. When completing your application be sure to include any information that you think is relevant to us finding you a good match.

Online applications take roughly 20 minutes to complete by participants, there are three key questions to address as well as additional sections on extra-curricular activities. Please include your CV and academic transcript in the application.


The Talent Pathways Program runs over six-months and includes a welcome and farewell breakfast event. Participants should discuss the different types of communication they would like to use with their respective mentoring partner.

The Welcome Breakfast will be hosted Tuesday 20 June at 8.00am at MinterEllison Canberra.

HOW TO APPLY – Applications close Sunday 11 June 2017 11.55pm

To apply for MinterEllison Talent Pathway Program please click here.